Injection moulds

We produce your tools for your production sites in France and abroad.

Our added value:

Our teams of technicians in France and China handle the design and the manufacturing deadlines.
A process which meets your needs, and one which has seen continuous improvement for over 35 years.
NGI designs tools for customers, manufacturers and assemblers.

We make single and multi-cavity tools to meet your requirements in terms of timescale and price for the injection of materials (plastics, Aluminium and Zamak).

Depending on your requirements it is possible to design the mould for a bi-material injection or for overmoulding of inserts and components. What we demand of ourselves: to meet your product requirements in the best way possible

Our process

  • 01.

    Technical and design expertise

  • 02.

    Production of tools

  • 03.


Our process Technical and design expertise Production of tools Logistics