NGI is a family-run SME located in Mamers (72) and founded by Ms. Annick and Mr. Gilles BOIVIN.
The company specialises in the design and putting into production of plastic and metal products.
The complementary nature of its know-how over 35 years enables it to provide its customers with a service suited to their needs.

Its reputation, reliability and success have enabled it to grow its business in different sectors and so offer the manufacture of complete products.
As part of its service NGI includes technical expertise in the course of putting your project into production as well as the assembly, storage and distribution of your products both nationally and internationally.

The development of the family-owned companies COMTEC (tool manufacturing), then DEMOTEC (plastic injection) and finally NGI (assembly and finishing) enabled them to become established in the industry sector.

In the early 2000s they were amalgamated into one single brand, NGI. In 2002 this new company set up in Dongguan in China to provide its customers with ever more competitive manufacturing solutions with managed deadlines.

After several years of manufacturing and thousands of specific items produced each year, NGI is continuously developing in order to meet demand and to maintain its position as a leading company in the manufacture of specific products.

Technical expertise

NGI is there to support you throughout your project and provides you with technical know-how for each of the relevant areas of expertise and sectors. NGI offers you a quality service as a result of its technical and cultural experience.

NGI guarantees the conformity and quality of the products manufactured and is committed to stability in terms of costs, deadlines and quality.


NGI helps you to obtain the certification necessary for conducting business transactions in your target markets, thus providing you and your consumers with the reassurance you need, anywhere in the world.

NGI has a network of suppliers that have been approved, audited and tested in line with our requirements.

Depending on your requests, the significance and the size of your products we will choose from:

  • Small or medium capacity Mould makers or Toolmakers
  • Plastic, zamak and aluminium Injectors, with tonnage ranging from 15T to 3000T equipped with assembly lines, painting and marking stations, etc.
  • Partners equipped to carry out surface treatments, painting, marking, assembly, etc.
  • Cutting, pressing, bar turning and machining workshops.