Standards and certificates

NGI provides the certificates needed to conduct business within your target markets, bringing to your consumer and to you the assurance you need, everywhere in the world. NGI fits your criteria qualities:

  • ROHS: Restriction on the use of six hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment products sold in the European territory.
  • REACH: Registration is required for chemical substances in the preparations.
  • Material Certificate: traceability of the materials of your products.
  • Certificates of SGS laboratories: Approves the conformity of products, processes, systems or services of regulations, and national and international standards.
  • Food Certification: Guarantees that your product has no risk of toxicity for food or drinks.
  • FDA: Authorizes the marketing of food and medicine into the territory of the United States.
  • Smoke and Fire: Approves the fire resistance of your product.